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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Positioning of Self

These last few weeks I have been involved with organising an audition. I have received over 150 C.V.’s and it had been really clear how important they are in the initial contact with a producer. In a sense this is to do with the first module – positioning of self but as ever I think the practical experience of working is a great teacher and wanted to share some observations. These are about applying to applications via e-mail.

1) Don’t name your CV file (the one you send attached to an e-mail ) C.V. doc, or “proffesionalCV.doc” because if everyone does that there are a few problems. Firstly, as I save them on my computer the computer thinks they are the same file and can easily replace yours with the next one that is named the same thing. Secondly, I cannot tell who it is I am looking at or looking for in files unless I open the whole file each time I want to check something. This adds hours on the job of sorting through them and does not leave you feeling very good. So name the file you send “yournamecv.doc”

2) If it is a professional appointment you want. Start the c.v. with your professional experience in the specific area the job is involved with(ie site-specific dance), then your experience in general (ie dance work). Don’t start with your training.

3) If its e-mail don’t send a picture separately the two get lost from each other as soon as they are saved unless you match the names (ie yournamepicture.doc, yournameCV.doc)

4) Lastly, a short introductory e-mail with the CV is useful and can set up great expectations for opening the CV doc. But make sure you have researched who the people are involved in the job and what their interests are. Don’t send something that is obviously what you sent to everyone about being interested in their work. Check who has what roles in the production so you don’t tell the producer or the project manager you love their choreography!

What have your experiences been on this? What do you think? Are there links to ideas about research methods and the insider researcher here?