If life is what happens to our plans, then dance is what happens to our steps.
ideas sometimes when you wait they come to you.

Preparation for starting with BAPP

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Campus Session (March 3rd)

At 4pm, after the Campus Session on Wednesday I am going to be asking for feedback. If you are attending the session can you stay for another 20 mins to an hour whatever can work for you. feedback is really important and helps us monitor how things are going for you.

Hope to see you

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lessons from Oprah!

Kolb's learning cycle popping up in unexpected places: I was reading my Christmas Oprah, Diet advice by Martha Beck titled 'It takes all Kinds'. Its fun to read the whole concept in terms of going on a diet!!! She has:
'"quick start" swings quickly into action, making creative discoveries and mistakes - through trial and error'
'"fact Finders" need information; they're the friends who'll research every relevant factoid about any task they're preparing to undertake'
'"Follow through" people naturally use methodical systems: they set up files for every receipt and alphabetise their refrigerator contents.'
"Implementers" focus on physical object and environments; they figure out things by building models or grabbing the appropriate tools. They respond better to bricks and mortar than castles in the air.'

The advise is that you need a group of friends that range across these types so that the strengths and weaknesses of the group can support each other on the diet. Groups - learning sets - are a great way to work. Martha says its like 'Fellowship of the Rings' a fellowship of people going on the journey together but all very different from each other. Funny to find it all in Oprah Magazine.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The "Future of work"

There have been a number of interesting programmes on T.V. and radio about the internet and networks. There was the one on BBC 2; and then on Radio 4 today about 'open source'. Companies that have there programmes open and anyone can add to them. Wikipidia being an example. The programme cited the book 'Future of Work' I looked it up and found a web-site!!...

"Future of Work is an active global community of organizations and individuals who believe in the power and importance of collective intelligence in creating the future of work. Our focus is on the changing nature of work, the workforce, the workplace, technology, and management practice.

The Work Design Collaborative, LLC (WDC), founded in 2001 by Charlie Grantham and Jim Ware, manages Future of Work. We are a research and advisory firm with a single mission: helping create the future of work.

That mission translates into four primary capabilities:

Developing Knowledge
Improving bottom-line performance
Creating new workplaces
Building communities'

I feel as if we on the edge of something (this time with its ways to connect people) but it is so big I can't tell what exactly it is.

I really believe in the sharing of knowledge and ideas. But I feel held back, I guess the internet is such a dyslexic unfriendly environment. I think I get HOW we can connect through trying to understand the technology BUT I am not sure I understand the root of why or what it means beyond the concept of sharing a piece of knowledge.
What do you think?