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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lessons from Oprah!

Kolb's learning cycle popping up in unexpected places: I was reading my Christmas Oprah, Diet advice by Martha Beck titled 'It takes all Kinds'. Its fun to read the whole concept in terms of going on a diet!!! She has:
'"quick start" swings quickly into action, making creative discoveries and mistakes - through trial and error'
'"fact Finders" need information; they're the friends who'll research every relevant factoid about any task they're preparing to undertake'
'"Follow through" people naturally use methodical systems: they set up files for every receipt and alphabetise their refrigerator contents.'
"Implementers" focus on physical object and environments; they figure out things by building models or grabbing the appropriate tools. They respond better to bricks and mortar than castles in the air.'

The advise is that you need a group of friends that range across these types so that the strengths and weaknesses of the group can support each other on the diet. Groups - learning sets - are a great way to work. Martha says its like 'Fellowship of the Rings' a fellowship of people going on the journey together but all very different from each other. Funny to find it all in Oprah Magazine.

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