If life is what happens to our plans, then dance is what happens to our steps.
ideas sometimes when you wait they come to you.

Preparation for starting with BAPP

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Looking at people's blogs

I have looked at some of the blog sites. (I have tried to comment, just to say "hi, I looked").They all look amazing, it seems like people are really figuring out the ins-and-outs of making them.

Some people have put short posts on thoughts which are like excerpts from reflective diaries, I think these work really well because sharing them on your blog means that you can get other people thinking too. Of course not all thoughts are so formed that you can type them up and post them and the Reflective Diary comes into its own in those cases because you can keep adding to your ideas etc...

There are some great videos on people's sites too. I am a very visual person so I enjoy watching them. Have you thought about putting sound on your site or links to songs?

Keep up the good work

Monday, 12 October 2009

House Keeping / Getting started

Just a reminder that:

My on-going call in times are Wednesday 8am to 9am & Friday 7:30pm to 8:30pm
If you need to talk to me at a specific time other than these or want to organise a SKYPE call please e-mail me four days in advance of the date you want to talk. This way we can make sure we are both on the same time zone, etc...!!!

If you are sending me work (try to) attach it as a Word document in an e-mail. Make sure all your work has numbered pages and your full name in the footer. Please, send work in this form even if you are also sending hard copies; this means I can mark the work and send it straight back to you. It is quicker and easier to comment onto the work.

PLEASE, make some comments on my blog. I am interested to know what you think of the films I put up. Are you using Reflective Diaries? What kind? Any tips?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Reflective Diaries

Just some quick thoughts about Reflective Diaries, or artists note books or learning logs, there are many names for them (and they maybe a little different from each other) but I think the most important thing about them is that they help you find a place to put your thoughts and ideas so. A place to put you. I found the recommended reading - Jennifer Moon, Learning Journals - really helpful.

As I said in the induction day I now number the pages of my Reflective Diary so that I can refer back to it. As you start the year it is really good to start making a little bit of time to write and capture your thoughts and experiences.