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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Submission in January

Submission for this term is no later than January 5th 2018 by 11pm

The submission folders are now open so you can submit your final work anytime before 11pm on January 5th 2018.

Please make sure you submit in the correct Turnit-in folder. The one with your Module and module number on it. That is if you are in Module One submit into Module One Turnit-in folder!! 

Submit your work as a single Word document.

  • You must have a cover page 
  • A contents page (this is very important because you maybe submitting a number of different things within the single file. The Contents Page is so that the examiner can find the different elements of your submission.
Check you have included all the required parts of the Module Portfolio. 

Do not leave it to last minute to submit. 
Also send your Advisor an email with your submitted work as back-up. 

Work submitted after January 5th will NOT be graded. The work will be too late! 

Submission is on the BAPP page this screen-shot shows what the page looks like. Check you can find it before you submit. Call UniHelp if you have any problems with log-on etc...

Sunday, 10 December 2017

What is happening now?

Monday Dec 11th is the beginning of Week 12 - the last week of term.
Hand-in is Jan 5th so you have the Winter Holidays to continue to work on your hand-in work if you choose.

Hopal and I are busy getting feedback to you on drafts. Our aim is to have it all back by Friday. If you have questions, now is the time to give a quick skype call to ask them.

In the new year we have hand-in on Jan 5th the oral presentations for Module Threes later in the month.

You will receive your grade for the work you hand-in on Jan. 5th at the end of January. The grade will also indicate if you have passed the Module.

The new term (and next module) for those of you on Module One and Two will beginning at the beginning of February. Check the academic calendar on UniHub (or in past blog post of mine) for exact dates. Make a note of induction and welcome back skype at the end of January that you might like to attend.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Skype with Module thee Focus - Tuesday 5pm

Skype with Module Three focus is at
7pm Only (time in London)
On Tuesday 5th December
Comment below if you are attending

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Friday - changes to and development of BAPP chat

On Friday we had two chats about the changes and development of BAPP. I said I would also put up this blog so you could feedback your thoughts, recommendations and any questions. In the morning one point was raised -
Would changes effect the course so that alumni blogs etc.. would not be useable any more.
No, there are have not been major changes to the content of the course. we are up-dating some things (including the Module Handbook). You can continue to look and communicate across older blogs to explore ideas in each of the Modules.

We also confirmed two student reps and a student rep. 'swing'.
So our student reps are:
Matt Lindablad https://noisejoy11.blogspot.co.uk
Eleanor Byrne https://ellebyrne.blogspot.co.uk
(swing - Arghierenia Kyrimi http://arghierenia-bapp.blogspot.co.uk)
Thank you to them for taking on the role. They will be listening to your ideas and experiences, and reporting back ideas during the Student Voice meeting we will be now having each February.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Skype session with a Module One focus

We have a skype session with a module One focus on Monday December 4th
We will only have one time
5pm (Tine in London)

Comment below if you can attend.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Skype with Module Two focus

We will have a skype session with a Module Two focus on Thursday November 30th
12:30 (time in London)
5pm (time in London)

Comment below to indicate which you will attend.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Current thoughts and up coming dates: Friday 1st

Everyone is busy into their Modules here are some thoughts as we enter week 10 of the 12 week course.
Drafts: draft work is for you to get feedback, make this what you need to develop your work as best you can. This means send work you feel is at its best at this point (not perfect) but there is no point sending something you already know is not what you want to hand-in because of 'y & X'. The feedback you will get will be 'y & X' and you already knew that!!

If you are sending part of something indicate what you are planning to have before and after - it is hard to feedback on something if there is no context for it.

Do not see feedback as trying to get a 'great this is perfect' from the person feeding back. Don't plan to send-a-draft-get-feedback-and-send-and-another-draft-and so on... we can only feedback on one draft. The feedback is to help you not to tell you what to do - its your practice you know best. Its your BA too - take control of it.

Manage your time we have two weeks of university time left this term. Of course you can work through Xmas but in terms of advisor feedback and one-to-ones the term ends in two weeks.
Adesola is available for skye chats over the break but this should be for quick questions.

Submission information extra skye meeting Friday -see below

Transitions: BAPP Arts has moved from Work Based Learning (WBL) to Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries. this is because WBL has been absorbed into the whole of Middlesex University  by moving programmes into the schools. We are making some changes during the transition like re-writing the handbooks. We will also need two student reps. These is a role to help make the programme what you would like and need. If you have been a student rep. before please think about continuing.

If you would like to be a student rep. please email me (Adesola). It involves being open to talk to other students and getting an idea of peoples loves and concerns in their study. You will also be asked to attend a skype (or in person if you are in London at the time) Student Voice meeting each February you are enrolled.

I am also really eager to talk to you and hear about the transition that will be happening. As I am re-writing the handbooks it would be great to get your feedback we will will have a special Admin. meeting on Friday December 1st. This will cover the transition and also any questions about submission of your work in January.

Friday December 1st 11am (tine in London)
Friday December 1st 5pm  (time in London)
If you can't do an hour please come for as much time as you can.
Please comment below if you can attend. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

One Dance UK conferences in London this weekend

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-        How do you protect your dancers’ mental health when making issue-based work? Drawing on personal experience, artist Stuart Waters will guide you on building healthy boundaries at #ODUKConfSeason’s Healthier Dancer Conference. Don’t miss out: http://bit.ly/HealthConf17

-        Be empowered as a leader in dance. #OneDanceUK’s Erin Sanchez shares expert advice on motivational climates in dance, with Empowering Dance©, part of #ODUKConfSeason. Book your place now! http://bit.ly/ODUKConfSeasonTix #ODUKConfSeason

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-        Want to choreograph for camera, but not sure where to start? #OneDanceUK’s Choreographers’ Conference will feature a fantastic introduction to screen dance with choreographer Omari Carter. Don’t miss this unique opportunity: http://bit.ly/ChoreoConf #ODUKConfSeason