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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Friday - changes to and development of BAPP chat

On Friday we had two chats about the changes and development of BAPP. I said I would also put up this blog so you could feedback your thoughts, recommendations and any questions. In the morning one point was raised -
Would changes effect the course so that alumni blogs etc.. would not be useable any more.
No, there are have not been major changes to the content of the course. we are up-dating some things (including the Module Handbook). You can continue to look and communicate across older blogs to explore ideas in each of the Modules.

We also confirmed two student reps and a student rep. 'swing'.
So our student reps are:
Matt Lindablad https://noisejoy11.blogspot.co.uk
Eleanor Byrne https://ellebyrne.blogspot.co.uk
(swing - Arghierenia Kyrimi http://arghierenia-bapp.blogspot.co.uk)
Thank you to them for taking on the role. They will be listening to your ideas and experiences, and reporting back ideas during the Student Voice meeting we will be now having each February.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below.


  1. Hope you're feeling better Adesola!
    After you dropped off the call, myself, Alyshia, Eleanor, and Jae stayed on for another 30 minutes and chatted about the differences between the modules. It was quite helpful to hear from others that are finishing the module ahead of ours, and receive a bit of insight. With that being said, it seems like a great practice to have for incoming students starting Module 1 as well. I know I would have greatly benefitted hearing from students who had just completed Module 1 via a Skype call ahead of beginning into the program. I hope that as student reps, we can do exactly that! Chat soon.

  2. Good idea - I will contact student reps. and ask if you can join the induction skips. Thank you for thinking of this.