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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Submission in January

Submission for this term is no later than January 5th 2018 by 11pm

The submission folders are now open so you can submit your final work anytime before 11pm on January 5th 2018.

Please make sure you submit in the correct Turnit-in folder. The one with your Module and module number on it. That is if you are in Module One submit into Module One Turnit-in folder!! 

Submit your work as a single Word document.

  • You must have a cover page 
  • A contents page (this is very important because you maybe submitting a number of different things within the single file. The Contents Page is so that the examiner can find the different elements of your submission.
Check you have included all the required parts of the Module Portfolio. 

Do not leave it to last minute to submit. 
Also send your Advisor an email with your submitted work as back-up. 

Work submitted after January 5th will NOT be graded. The work will be too late! 

Submission is on the BAPP page this screen-shot shows what the page looks like. Check you can find it before you submit. Call UniHelp if you have any problems with log-on etc...


  1. Thanks for the Submission Info

  2. Hi Adesola,
    A quick Module 3 question: Should the professional artefact & explanation be embedded into the single word document submitted?