If life is what happens to our plans, then dance is what happens to our steps.
ideas sometimes when you wait they come to you.

Preparation for starting with BAPP

Friday, 25 October 2013

Student rep. message

My name is Lizzy and I will be your student rep for this year.  I am on Module 2.  I’m here for any questions you have or anything that you want to talk about but would prefer not to talk to a tutor about one to one.  I will be your voice to the tutors and University, so please let me know if there is any feedback that you want passed on.   Please email me if there is anything you want to discuss.  

Hope to hear from you soon.


Trick -y date change or Treat you won't miss the workshops: it is later.

It's going to have to change Paula said....

Sorry folks! Peter has just informed me that next Thursday the Union has called a strike, and as a member as a member of the union he is bound to observe it.

We will have to reschedule!

Will let you know.

[I am quite Halloween-y at the moment - sorry for the almost puns in the title.]

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Writing Workshop for Halloween

Scary essay construction!!!!!....Frightening grammar!!!!! enjoy Halloween at......

Notice from Paula:
Next week Peter Thomas is giving a writing workshop on Thursday the 31st of October from 11-1 in Williams 149.

This first workshop will be on generative writing I will meet people at Reception at 11 or go directly to the room (Williams is the building to the right of the main College building – across the tarmac area.

Peter will also be doing a summary writing workshop 21st of November 11–1pm (Room TBC).

Please RSVP Paula if you can make it. Please notes that after the workshop Peter usually gives us slides to put up for those working at a distance.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Keep calm and trust yourself

Looking around peoples blogs seems like everyone is getting into the momentum of starting back - Great.

Module Ones have got their blogs going. Some people are on Google+ it is like another world when you are used to using blog spot!! I noticed less comments on Google+ blogs. Remember to visit across hosts!!!

Module Twos: you don't have to pin your question down in detail; just have an idea of the area. Then move on to Section 5 ethics and then the Research tools section. These sections are design to and SHOULD affect your question. So no point having it all mapped out to the letter - because you will feel  reluctant to change anything. Also you need to move on because Module two covers a lot of things!! You need the time. Your question is stewing on the back burner and you are feeding the fire under it by starting to read literature about the area you are interested in. Its like getting all your ingredients together for the final proposal you have the question ingredient for now you need to get the ethics ingredient and the data collection ingredient and most important the how to analyse it all ingredient. Some tasks in the module might feel like they are taking you away from your question. But the module is about developing a line of inquiry or planning research NOT about answering the question. In fact just don't link questions with answers. (tell answers to take a hike close things down, half the time you don't recognise them until we are well past them anyway). Questions should lead to better, more in formed question NOT answers. So you can see you may never get the perfect 'question' just a better understanding of the area.

Module Threes:
OMG don't worry about the artefact yet!!! You cant know what the artefact will be before you know what it is about. Think of it this way.
1) you have a question you want to know more about...
2) you look into it.. thats what you are doing now
3) you look closely at what you found when you collected data and all the reading you have been doing (the literature) and all the conversations (in other words you analyse)
(3b) You realise something... (it might be pre-verbal, non-verbal) it's an idea.
4a) You want to tell others in your life (profession) about it and about the process you took to get to it - it and the process will have an impact on how you share it...How you share it is the professional artefact
4b) You want to tell others in the university about it and the process to get to it ...You have to do that in university language (the final reflective report). This is an artefact also an academic artefact.

Let your research reveal itself to you - don't decide what it is or how it is or what it has to say before you have done it. Trust you will know when you know.

OK then keep going everyone!!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Place, Tasks and Journey

We had our two Second Tuesday Coffee Group SKYPES yesterday. The first one was at 11am. Iona from Module 2 and Melanie from 3 were a part of it. The main point we all agreed on was the importance of making a ‘space’ to work – this is not just a time but the ‘Place’. Maybe a favourite coffee shop corner or a desk in your room.  Having a place helps you get back into things and helps you define the idea of starting something…

The second, Second Tuesday Coffee Grout SKYPE one was 8:45 everyone was from Module One. There the conversation was about what exactly the first module is about!! We talked about how the tasks are not what you ‘hand-in’.
·      The Tasks are more a map for the journey of the module.
·      Then the work you hand in the Reflective essay etc… is about the journey of the module.
·      The journey of the module is thinking about yourself and learning in terms of your professional practice: looking at what you have learnt and how through the embodied activity of your day-to-day practice you learn about your professional world. There is a difference here in the style of work being done – you are not being told what to do, you are following your own ideas and getting feedback and guidance from the advisors and feedback and comments from your peers in the course. Just like in the professional world you are  finding out more by doing…
·      and the tasks give you something to be doing (!) that we think will lead you to finding out more.

It was great to chat to everyone people talked together from Northern UK, Estonia, and London.  Looking forward to the next one. We have changed the second evening chat to starting at 8:45pm


Friday, 4 October 2013

second Tuesday Coffee SKYPE

This is my first blog of the new term since summer ended and we started back...and it is already time for our first group SKYPE on Tuesday 8th. The group SKYPEs are for people across the modules. Students have said how great these are because you get to talk to people at different stages of the course. In order to join in you need to make sure you have emailed me so I know you are going to join and include you SKYPE address just in case. There is no need to (and you should not)  put your SKYPE address on the blogs. If I have not SKYPEd  you before, you also need to send me a request for contact to my SKYPE account.

More soon