If life is what happens to our plans, then dance is what happens to our steps.
ideas sometimes when you wait they come to you.

Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Hi this is a research project I am working on. I was talking to Iona and she said I should post it on my blog as part of getting the word out. What do you think? Does this sound useful? The idea is a response to my work with you on BAPP and students on MAPP. It seems as if a number of people what to make their inquiry question about how you keep growing and developing as a performer once you are not in a dance school. I feel like this could be useful to keep people going - what are your thoughts. I will be developing this both as a research project but also as research into how freelance professional dancers and choreographers manage. Got any ideas about how to get the word out? What do you think of the whole thing

Turning Research Ideas into Practice – Priceless projects
Research, development, networking and professional practice brought together.

The project aims to address the needs of three groups: freelance professional dancers, choreographers and arts spaces by bringing them together for short research and development residencies; residencies range from 3 days to two weeks, residences take place all round UK with the possibility of some international residences.

Freelance professional dancers can audition to become members of the trip company. As members they are invited to short working intensives with choreographers across the year. Participation is based on availability therefore if a dancer has a job during a residency they do not sign on to that particular residency.

If a dancer is available they make a commitment to the whole residency time period. Choreographers work with the trip company on the understanding that where a work is developed to the point of funding and/or touring, they will return to their original collaborating trip dancers when considering employment opportunities.

Choreographers who work internationally need to know dancers in the countries they work in particularly if it is not the country they call home. Trip  offers international and UK choreographers a group of dancers they can work with in UK at the stage before a commission or at the very beginning stage of commissioned work.

trip is part of the non-profit organisation, DancingStrong and is run as a ‘priceless project’. Working with the ideal of intellectual and creative exchange, trip seeks to engage the currency of reliability, professionalism and networking rather than relying on external funding (although additional funding might be sort for specific projects).

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next audition for dancers June 7th 2013, Hendon, send CV and photos to trip@dancingstrong.com

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Aims and chatting

This week we had another ‘First Tuesday Coffee House Meeting’. Only three of us but it was a really useful chat.


In terms of Module Two: we talked about trying out different types of ‘something’ when doing pilots – not just piloting ‘an interview’ but if you think you are likely to use interview as a tool in module three, then trying doing different types of interview. On SKYPE, in person, on phone, with open-ended questions, with set questions etc…

We talked about finding a range of key words as you think about what is important to your inquiry into for instance:
Sarah is thinking about ‘motivation’ and we added the words ‘inspiration’ and ‘passion’, which was the way Sarah was thinking about motivation.

In terms of Module One and onwards: we talked about how useful Journaling is for capturing ideas. How at first you might want to make neat organised journals but after using that tool for a while it becomes a place for thoughts that manifest in a range of ways – including pictures, drawings, and writing around the edges of the page!!

We talked about thinking about ‘what has made a difference to my practice’ as a theme to question yourself as you submit work for evaluation in May.

We said that the ‘First Tuesday Coffee House Meetings’ were useful because it is nice to talk across modules and also to have a conversation that can wander or has no aim at the beginning but is built from all the people in the group contributing.

The next ‘First Tuesday Coffee House Meeting will be May 7th hope you can join us.