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Tuesday, 23 April 2013



  1. I love this video and it speaks a lot of volume. Unfortunately most qualification has an examination at the end and society tends to take these examination results as a be all and end all when it shouldn't be that way. Their is a lot of factors that can affect someone's exam performance but that doesn't mean that they don't know or have sustained the knowledge they have just received from their learning process. Learning is a life long process and society needs to stop looking down on people who might not have certain qualification or grades.

  2. This is a great video - really inspiring. I was lucky at school as I was quite good at exams, but it's appalling to think that we can be labelled for the rest of our lives, based on whether or not we pass certain exams when we are teenagers.

    In my research - I've been talking to 'polymaths'...or probably more accurately, people who use multiple creative outlets, rather than just one. I've found that whilst these people are incredibly bright, they usually say that their most important learning was auto-didactic (self taught). I love the quote from King Lear that says "Who is it that can tell me what I am?".

    I've set up a new blog to act as my professional artefact - I hope it will be a useful resource/platform for discussion on the idea of 'creative polymathy'. I'd really appreciate your input as I've always found your comments really thought-provoking, please 'follow' me using the details below!

    Twitter: @creativechamel

  3. This video is brilliant. I have come across it several times on social networking sites and was meaning to re post it.

    I feel a lot of truth is spoken in it. Society does tend to take over and leads to labels being put on you as an individual in regards to education.

    Very inspiring and encouraging video.

  4. Yes, I think the video voices thoughts of many people BUT what do you think about the link between education and employment made here. Is education just a way to make sure we have a work force to service people?

    What about knowing about things for the fascination of it?