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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Place, Tasks and Journey

We had our two Second Tuesday Coffee Group SKYPES yesterday. The first one was at 11am. Iona from Module 2 and Melanie from 3 were a part of it. The main point we all agreed on was the importance of making a ‘space’ to work – this is not just a time but the ‘Place’. Maybe a favourite coffee shop corner or a desk in your room.  Having a place helps you get back into things and helps you define the idea of starting something…

The second, Second Tuesday Coffee Grout SKYPE one was 8:45 everyone was from Module One. There the conversation was about what exactly the first module is about!! We talked about how the tasks are not what you ‘hand-in’.
·      The Tasks are more a map for the journey of the module.
·      Then the work you hand in the Reflective essay etc… is about the journey of the module.
·      The journey of the module is thinking about yourself and learning in terms of your professional practice: looking at what you have learnt and how through the embodied activity of your day-to-day practice you learn about your professional world. There is a difference here in the style of work being done – you are not being told what to do, you are following your own ideas and getting feedback and guidance from the advisors and feedback and comments from your peers in the course. Just like in the professional world you are  finding out more by doing…
·      and the tasks give you something to be doing (!) that we think will lead you to finding out more.

It was great to chat to everyone people talked together from Northern UK, Estonia, and London.  Looking forward to the next one. We have changed the second evening chat to starting at 8:45pm


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