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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Portfolio and tasks

Hi, just a thought about the Portfolio (and the tasks). Please remember it is the Portfolio that is being assessed NOT the tasks. A word about guilt: some people feel they did not do the tasks completely. There is no point trying to back-fill the tasks before you start the portfolio. That is your guilt trip only. The assessed work is about you summarising your learning this module. Whatever happen is learning. What you do with the experience shows what you have learnt. If your experience was finding it hard to get started, or not wanting to blog that is your learning journey. NOW what does that mean, why did that happen? Use the module to explain this.

So it’s like a dance performance. You are being assessed on the portfolio you submit that is like the dance performance. To help you to do the performance has been like doing the tasks. The tasks are like ballet classes. You could have done a ballet class each day in order to prepare for the performance. (Done the tasks which would have guided you through a learning experience) BUT if you missed some of the ballet classes, there is no point coming on the stage and doing the 52 plies you missed over the term!!! Its time for the performance… What have you learnt?

This is also a nod to the professional arena we are not here to tell you what boxes to tick in order to pass. We want to empower you, you tell us what you have learnt and use the language and ideas in the module to explain to us.  It is not a case of us knowing and you having to find out. We really do not know what you have learnt because we are not you! What you put in is what you will get out. So let go of thinking you have ‘not done enough’ and ‘do now’, get drafts done, get feedback. (Then if you are feeling you did not get ‘your blog on’, blog about it too.
What do you think?

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