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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Welcome back

Hi Guys
I hope you had a good winter break and welcome to the new 3002 people. I am going to be posting things and sometimes they will be more relevant to 3002 and sometimes to 3865 BUT the point is I hope they will be informative in general and we want to comment and talk across the course so please read them all. If its super boring to do with one module I will mark it '3002 only' or something. But even then you old 3002's comments would be great and /or maybe it will make you twig something that you missed last term.

So what what do you think of my twitter idea below. Not one person interested!!!!!?


  1. Hi Adesola it's taken me a while to get back to you, but i have just requested to follow you on twitter.. let me know if you get it?
    I think a regular implement through twitter would be great!
    Also I am just trying to create a wiki and wondered if you knew of a good site to use? do they all cost or have I found a con?
    any advice would be much appreciated, email me if it's easier

  2. They should not cost. I'll find out more

  3. I found one, wikispaces, I've created my page but not yet posted anything.
    Thanks anyway