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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Monday, 6 June 2011

What's happening

Well, your work is in, now what's going on? It is looked at, then it is brought to a panel to moderate so the whole BAPP team decides on a mark. Then it is brought to another panel outside in the wider University who check the mark, then some peoples work and marks are sent to an external examiner to check the marks. All this takes time which is why you have not heard anything. BUT we hope the course is something you can be engaged with wherever or whenever you are. Before you get your mark you can not know if you are moving on to the next module. However, while you don't know what's next for you, you could be looking back over the modules you have done: trying out some of the tasks for a second time. See if anything seems different now you have done them once already. Or you could be reading past blogs (see what happened and what people thought way back when!).

If you past the module you will have received a grade between 1 and 16. [17 to 20 is a fail:(]
1 to 4 is a Distinction a 1st ,
5 to 8 is a merit a 2/1
9 to 12 is a pass a 2/2
13 to 16 is a pass a 3rd
If you got 17 you failed but you can re-take the module.
You get a grade for each module, obviously if you keep getting a 1st you will end up with an overall grade of a 1st for your Degree and so on.
Whatever you got check what your comments / feedback is for the module.

I hope that helps to make it a bit clearer I get quite a few people asking me what is going on and what it means. And remember the answer to most questions about the University procedure are in the hand-book or on Lib-guides or on the student web-site 24/7

Use the summer to organise yourself for what you are doing next. Do those things you keep thinking 'I really must...find a good internet cafe.... find a good quiet place to work...read that book...blog more...join the library...take that free computer literacy course at the library...work on my writing skills.'


  1. Thanks for this. It's nice to know how the marking works. Do you know when we will be getting the marks for this module and will be able to start on the next one?

  2. thank you although am so worried and scared i really hope i do not fail because i have realised that the world out there is offering me a lot

    but i would need my academic paper a qualification to back up all i have worked for from the age of 17 to this year working for a catering industry.

    how do we know when the marks do come out because its been a really quiet week and months for me alhough. i have been reflecting and been having some critical thinking

  3. I think Avni will be e-mailing things out around 27th April. But don't wait for the university to tell you what you are, do something you know you should do - like re-write something or read a book or go on a nice long thoughtful walk.