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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Campus Session , Module 3 (October 19th 2011): Artefacts

As part of the campus session for module 3 today, we looked at the Artefact. The students who were there wrote three bullet point ideas that they find useful in understanding the role of the Artefact requirement. Go to the blog of the person to read further about their thoughts on the session. I will be writing about this in my weekly blog also.
  1. Artefact is about your inquiry question not the next step
  2. Create something that is in your field
  3. A natural culmination of your inquiry  
Mark Iles

  1. The Critical review is the whole story of the research in academic form.
  2. The Artefact is what the research indicated in terms of a creative express in your field of practice.
  3. The artefact is not the start a new question or inquiry: it should address your original question.

The artefact:
  1. Follow the thread to the natural conclusion
  2. 3 types of artefact (see Adesola’s next blog also)
  3. It is not additional, its part of the process

  1. The artefact is not an add on
  2. Follow the thread of the inquiry to a natural product.
  3. A different way of showing your conclusions

  1. Not letting the artefact be an add on or that it raises another question
  2. Understanding that its OK to not know exactly what your artefact is until your analysis is done.
  3. The artefact should be a conclusion of your findings – it accompanies the critical Review but doesn’t have to show the whole process as the Critical Review does. 

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