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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Friday, 28 September 2012

Hi welcome back
Here are some starting back thoughts.
First, if I am your advisor and haven’t already emailed you by Monday contact me (there may be a glitch in the matrix!!!). There are a number of advisors on the course we all have blogs and they are all useful because different people have different ways to explain and share the same ideas. I am going to be writing blogs that are across all three modules. So sometimes my posts might be more useful to someone on Module (3) than Module (1) but it is useful to think of the WHOLE course as one thing. Do not to think of each module as a closed set of activities we are making you do!! By thinking about what people are doing at other points in the course you might find something really useful for your current study. If you have finished a module there is nothing more to get out of it. Keep looking backward and forward (its how you locate yourself).

For people beginning the last module (3760) (that is Module (3), the research project) a couple of things:
1   The last module you did was to plan what you are doing now – but its not written in stone, look at the feedback you had on your grading form, think about it now you have had the summer to let the idea settle.
2      Adapting your method, addressing questions your advisor highlighted is all part of the process. DO NOT think the whole thing is just about gathering data. You can get all the data in the world but it is only as useful as the questions you ask of it.
3   The module is about the process (as is pretty much everything we are doing) NOT ABOUT you finding an answer to some problem. Focus on your process, your artistic development, what you can LEARN. We are looking for you to show us what you learn from the experience that is all (and that is a lot).

So get chatting talk to people about what you think blog, email, don’t hide away trying to get a perfect answer for your project.

For people beginning Module (2) (3630). Have a look at what happen last year. Look at the blogs see what you can learn from observing what other people thought about. This module is quite extensive. Start to get on with things get the reading done its more intense than the first module because we are asking you to apply some of the principles you are learning about.

For people beginning the first Module (1) (3730) and everyone else remember this is not a set of hoops we want you to jump through. We have planned something that we hope will be useful and meaningful to you in YOUR situation. Try not to see the module as something to critique, or on the other hand something ordained from on high. Try and apply the ideas to your life. See if they are useful and in doing that see what you learn from them. Do not be put off by starting to blog just get on with doing it.

If you are re-doing a module have a look at what you did last time but also let go of some of the things that seemed like obstacles. Move forward, work out what helped you last time and what hindered you.

Get advice from your advisor if you got an unexpected mark. It was higher than you expected work out what you did to get that response, if it was lower work out what you did to get that response.

For everyone MAKE a timeline for yourself, work backwards from the hand-in date Jan 7th 2013. Work out what you need to hand in to be marked. This is different from what you will be doing as tasks. Work out when you need to have a final draft by in order to get feedback from your advisor if you want it. Work out all the things you want to do right up to today. Make a plan and be kind enough to yourself to stick to it.

Lastly, my office hours on SKYPE  for this term (October 1st to January 7th )  will be:
Monday 11am to noon (GMT)
Tuesday 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Thursday 7pm to 8pm (GMT)
Friday 11am to noon (GMT)

I have tried to make them when people have breaks at lunchtime at work or after work. However if you can not make these times email me for an appointment either on SKYPE or phone or over a coffee. Also if you see I am on SKYPE feel free to just call me I will let you know if I can chat or I will call you back when I can.

Have fun

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