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Friday, 15 March 2013

Has it been colourful?

We are in week 5 (sort of half way through the term). I think this is a good time to start to think about where you are heading. Are you clear about what you are required to hand-in for assessment? Do you know the deadline date? It is a good idea to ask yourself why you have been doing what you have been doing? To take a step back and ask yourself what it has meant to you so far. How is it meaningful and how can you make it meaning full. In the middle of it all it can be easy to start to forget to link things find connections and you can end up jumping through hoops just because they are there!!

How has it gone so far? Please comment lets see what people are thinking, saying and doing? Do you have any tips for others or things that have been amazing or very hard or unexpected?



  1. Hmmmm...seeing the word "halfway" written down makes me feel a little apprehensive! I absolutely agree that now is the time to think about what we need to do to hit the final deadline. I struggle with the "in between" deadlines within Module Three as in previous modules we had to work through the tasks at our own pace.
    Having attended the second campus session, I think I have a clearer understanding of what is expected, but I need to keep revisiting the handbook and readers to ensure that I'm not missing anything out (there's a lot of ground to cover in Module 3!) Reflecting on the last five weeks, I recognise that the time has been invaluable. It has offered me opportunities to research and ask questions, confirming the direction of my inquiry.
    I have found myself having to take a step back every other week to process my thoughts, followed by an intense two - three day period of study, consolidating my findings. I am wanting to link EVERYTHING at the moment by drawing charts and diagrams, which I hope will help me to frame my critical review.
    My research process has been really interesting and what could be seen as an enlightening experience. My inquiry is meaningful as it offers me opportunity; through further study / a career change / a new strand to my business. It could be meaningful to others too as it may offer job opportunities for artistes.
    It is the writing up of the critical review that I fear, as I know how much time I need to put aside and the need to focus and block out everything else to enable me to write clearly and concisely as required.
    I would advise all module two BAPPers to be brave. Choose an inquiry subject that puts "fire in your belly" and that you cannot stop thinking about and wanting to find out more. Push the boundaries and do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone...What you once thought was scary will soon become your comfort zone!
    Thanks for asking these questions Adesola.
    Best Wishes,

  2. This really helped me Adesola, along with the comment you posted on my blog- 2d. The Inquiry task. I am doing all the tasks, but it's then about looking through it all and thinking about what you have learnt. Please read my blog 'the art of reflection' as I did it following the comment you wrote.


  3. Thanks for this Adesola.

    It's important to attune yourself with what the actual atsks and deadlines are. We seem to start off this way and then we go off in our world of thoughts, but it's important to accept that this is real and communication to the outside world is important. I found the campus sessions good for this. It all becomes very real when we are there, at the uni, away from my home, talking out our ideas.