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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

AM Skype chat

This morning group skype went well.
We talked about time management. Which James is going to post on also.

Some tips were
Listen to pod casts on subjects as a way to be thinking about things on the go – like listening to a pod cast on reflection on the tube.
Learn to know times of the day or situations where you will time waste even if you have set time a side for study.  For instance maybe it doesn’t work if you block out time in the day to work on BAPP because something always comes up. But you know if you do some study at the end of the day when all your work chores are over you will be able to focus on it.
What’s App voice messages to yourself  to capture moments where you have time to think about something but you are on the go

We talked about practicing academic writing (task 2c). Lisa is going to post more of thoughts about this task. 

We talked about how this is really about learning a technique. Like learning a ballet technique it is somewhat about knowing the rules of the technique.
These rules include:
Knowing how to cite and why you need to
Being able to find books and use them as reference
Skills for writing Introduction and Conclusions
Jodie is going to write about this part of the conversation have a look at what she says in the comments below.

We also talked about thinking about the final work you are handing in. We said that you should be sending drafts by end of Easter if you want feedback from your advisor.

Also making sure you know what you want to say. Finding this out does not always come in the form of writing it. We talked about how going for a walk or doing a yoga class or talking to someone else are all methods of working out what you want to say (and what your point is). Then writing it down is just a form of presentation.

What do you think? Please comment below

Adesola :)


  1. Hi Adesola,

    Sorry I couldn't make yesterdays skype chats but I should be able to make the next!

    I constantly have my journal and notepad with me during the day to note down any ideas that may spring up. After reading about the Whats-App idea i thought I would give it a go if any ideas came up on my walk home from work (as its hard to walk and write). I don't have Whats-App so I used "siri" on my phone to make notes for when I got home. Genius! So thanks guys!

    I agree you can't always expect to be able to work when you plan to (life it too unpredictable). A lot of my ideas, opinion, thoughts develop when I am doing other things i.e walking. I would also say that you also need to consider what makes you work at your best. Module 3 has caused my mind want to think about a million things at once, which makes it hard to focus on what I want to say, so I believe learning when to stop and separate from yourself from your study is just as important in your BAPP journey. Sometimes taking a break allows me to have better clarity when I return to my writing.


  2. Yes I think the time management issue is very important. In the last Skype I had with some of the girls I had from module 3 they gave me some great tips. In the past few weeks I have become busier than usual so I really had to put these into practise. Having my journal with me like Bernie mentions has helped as I can fit in journal writing on tube journeys.

    I also like what you say Bernie about learning to separate yourself sometimes. I was beginning to feel stressed last week because I wanted to get uni work done but didn't have time due to work, once I was able to stop myself feeling guilty I felt better about it. Now I am into the easter holidays teaching has slowed down so I plan to make the most of my time.

    I have written now on my blog about my experience writing the reflective theory task.

    Lisa x

    1. Hey Lisa,

      So glad our advice is helping. I know it sounds weird being told to think about not doing work being when I'm stressed I get no where. You will get better results when your mind is at ease (Not easy in the performing arts world I know)

      Good Luck :)


  3. I really enjoyed the chat we had on skype as its good to feel involved with others as then you don't feel so alone in the things you are finding hard like the time management and the writing at a higher level which i think everyone is finding hard.

    One of the things we discussed was the introduction and the conclusion for your final essays and i was explaining to the group that this is really something I struggle with and one of the ideas that was given was to write the introduction after you had written the essay, Which to me was a little bit backwards as you would normally start with the introduction. But actually it made so much more sense as the question was "how can you write an introduction when you don't always know what your going to write in the essay".

    This has really helped me with my writing and the planning of my Essays as sometimes I was spending a few hours trying to write my introduction and now I feel like its something I can come back to once I know what my writing is going to be about.

    Jodie xx

  4. The aspect of letting learning happen organically is something I need to remind myself of frequently aswell!
    I agree with the above comments on allowing thoughts and ideas to emerge whilst doing other tasks. It can be incredibly beneficial when one has a very irregular schedule - as us performers do.
    Because of how traditional education taught us to learn however, I find it sometimes makes it difficult to move away from compartmentalising information and thinking in 'boxes'. Most people are familiar with Ken Robinson's famous TED talk on that matter ('How schools kill creativity'), which was an eye-opener for me regarding our educational system and the way it surpresses rather than fosters lateral thinking.
    Also seeing writing as solely the representation of a thought process that happened much earlier is interesting, as it allows ideas to grow and change a bit more before you consolidate them.
    I also really like the idea of podcasts which isn't an informational source I had previously considered.
    Happy progressing + journaling everyone!