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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Module Two only!!!! Well everyone should watch the video!!

Its very rare I write to only one module group, as you know. But Module Two people we need to have another look at your ethics forms. Paula and I will be trying to talk to you by Friday June 12th (Paula to her advisees, and me to mine). Then we may need to talk to you again on Sunday 14th June so have your phones charged that day!
Meanwhile have a look at your ethics forms and think about what they mean in terms of ethics as we have discussed it - in terms of how you might be experienced by those around you, how your inquiry might be experienced by those around you. It seems ironic to say it’s not just a tick-box activity when the form is actually a tick-box form!!!! but …You need to make sure the form clearly explains what you will be doing and why it is necessary to involve the people you want to involve. As well as how your inquiry might impact on them and their identity and relationship with you. - (Think about: it if you have a teacher/student relationship their identity is ‘student’ that is how they see themselves when with you so however much you feel the inquiry is different from your usual relationship they are 'student' with you and asking someone not to see themselves in that way is asking them to make the effort of changing their identity just so you can do your inquiry).

Here is a link to a great Ted video to get you thinking also - as Dave Isay suggests when we are doing what we are doing we may also be impacting on others in an important way that is much bigger than we could have dreamt of 

Below the video should be embedded but here is the address if it doesn’t work below!!

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