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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Module Two (past and present)

We have a Module Two group chat on Friday February 26th at noon (in London time).

Please indicate in the comments below if you want to join in (past or present).

So Module Two hummmmmm - things to think about:
1. - what is the main thing YOU want to learn from Module Two for your self for your practice? I mean we all want you to pass - you do and the university does. So beyond "I want to pass" what do you want to get out of this term? Having read the handbook what do you think you will be doing - how do you make sure you are not just jumping through hoops because it says do this or that in the handbook? What is the point for you?

All the modules are designed to be purposeful for you as a person who is part of a professional practice. It should make sense beyond just doing things to get a BA.

2. What have you found yourself thinking about, wondering about, day dreaming about recently?

3. What are things you want to develop having received your feedback from the last Module you did?

On Friday we will be talking about the purpose of the Module as it sits following Module One activity and prior to the Module Three inquiry.We will be talking about mapping the module for yourself so that you start to have clear goals for yourself not just the ones you read in the handbook.
Speak to you Friday
What do you think? - past Module Twos please comment below too.



  1. I think what you say, Adesola, about the module helping you as a person is very important. It took me a while in Module 2 to focus in on what I really wanted to find out about. I would say that by keeping regular notes on my practise, writing in my BAPP journal and by making a note of conversations I had with other professionals I was then able to see what topics came up frequently. I was also able to see how topics might be related. The thing that kept coming up for me was performing arts exams. I worried that preparing for an exam was restricting students in other ways. Through talking with others this topic then developed into something I could look into further.

    On module 3 I will be researching performing arts exams with a view to understand them better - this I hope as it develops will help me to be better at my job preparing students for exams as well as working towards my BA.


    1. Great points, I think this is really useful for people in Module two now. Thank you

  2. hey adesola i want t join in the chat on friday, but i don't seem to have you on skype is it possible to try and add you again ??


    1. Yes send me a skype request before Friday.

  3. Hello Adesola, I will be joining the conversation on Friday. Looking forward to starting this module!

  4. Hi Adesola,
    I find your point about mapping the module very relevant. Having completed Module 2, I would say questioning how you can use the knowledge and learn from any struggles in Module 1 will help you to get concrete about goals in Module 2.
    What aided me, was firstly seeing how my work history to date informs my interests and in the case of a portfolio career, think about which job/ area of expertise you see yourself pursuing in the future. Secondly, for many of us in Module 2 our focus shifted several times, so giving yourself permission to change your plan (without feeling like you're suddenly off track) helped me as well. I also like Lisa's point about noting what comes up frequently in conversations with peers and the network to determine your focus.
    Lastly, I am writing on the marketing and reception of German theatre in Britain, for which there exists very little literature at the moment. Initially I struggled with this. I've found the best way to overcome this obstacle was reaching out to scholars at various universities who specify in, say, in my case German cultural studies, and look for their publications (which often did not come up in my general Google scholar search!). Academia.edu is a great source. That way you grow your network and get to know the key players in your research field.


  5. Hi Adesola,

    I would love to join this session today.
    Thanks Cassie

  6. Hey Adesola,
    I would like to join the session today!
    Thank you,