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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The process and an artifact

An great Artifact from a former students that outlines Module 2 & Module 3


  1. This video is great! So inspiring and a brilliant concept!

  2. Apologies if this comes up twice - my computer logged me out! This was great to watch and listen to so thank you for sharing. Although a touch overwhelming in the early stages, seeing the links between ideas, research, data collection, literature, analysis, practical etc really helps to make sense of everything and gets me excited to begin the inquiry process.

  3. Hi adesola.
    I cant attend the group chat tonight i hope thats ok? i wonder if maybe at some point we can have a one to one session?
    I have already made a start on module 2 i have set up my SIG group i have started a new Blog post about module 2 and i have several questions thati am exploring. i have posed my questions to my SIG group and am waiting for some discussions on some of the things i have raised to help me figure out exactly which direction my professional inquiry will be going.

    As i cannot attend the chat here are a coupe of the questions i have posed to my SIG group any feedback or discussion on these questions are happily received-

    1.what effect does reality t.v such as dance moms, so you think you can dance have on students and how does this impact on the dance teacher and school?

    2.How relevant is acrobatic dance and gymnastics in the dance world and training today?

    3. Does acrobatic dance and gymnastics have any impact or advantage when it comes to dance technique and employment?

    4. what impact are unqulified dance teachers having on students and other teachers who are qualified?

    5. should the private dance sector be regulated?

    these are some things that are relevant to my dance practice as a small independant dance school.

  4. Hi Adesola,
    for some reason i just worte a comment and it wont publish!