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Friday, 9 December 2016

Talking to people

On Tuesday we had some great conversations.
AM we talked about Module Two planning and Module Three reflection. We found it really helpful to try to concisely tell each other what we were doing. When you try to tell someone what you are doing you notice the parts where you waffle!! or don’t complete a sentence!! These could well be parts you yourself have not completely worked out your thoughts on or that you don’t yet understand.

We asked each other to repeat back what they thought they heard. Doing this you can see where you have been clear, where you are going on about something that is not important and what parts you are explaining well.

You have to have it straight in your own head before you try to write it down. For many people writing helps them sort out their thoughts. (For many other people going for a walk or having a bath or dancing or doing yoga helps them sort out their thoughts). Whatever you do to think things through and understand what you think! Is fine but if your way is to write that does not mean what you write is what you hand in. It is just a means for you to get things organised for yourself. Don’t get writing-to-organise-ideas mixed up with writing-a-reflection-on-something. The way to make sure you have written the reflection / work you are handing in is that you should be able to explain it in a couple of verbal sentences to a number of different people. You should be able to explain it to someone who doesn’t know anything about the BAPP course as well as to someone who knows all about it. These would be different explanations of course but it is good practice to make sure you really understand what you are trying to communicate in what you hand-in.

We talked about how what you hand-in is always about the process of the Module/term. In each Module it is about reflection on that module and discussing what you did, what you learnt and how it resonates with your general Professional Practice.

In the PM chat we talked about the same thing of explaining your process but in that chat we also talked about Module One. Module One work to hand-in is reflecting on the process of the Module and what you have learnt about yourself as a learner. It is not about proving you have read the hand-book! And just writing what the handbook says. The important part is what you think of it all.

As so often it was really good to talk to other people on the course.
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