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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Feedback you Module Two submissions

Just a note to think about: You are asked to start Module Three by sending a response to your feedback from Module Two. You need to send your Advisor, your inquiry plan with where you have changed or developed things as a response to your feedback highlighted (maybe in red type). Then the paragraph that is your response to feedback would be at the beginning and indicate the pages where you had made changes that demonstrated your thinking about and developing-on from the feedback . 

The paragraph is not just so you say you know you were ‘wrong’ or something like that!!! It is about what the feedback has made you think and where you are developing the inquiry process in response. This is part of the inquiry already because it is about how you think more deeply about the inquiry and therefore the topic. 

The goal is getting to know the questions, finding the depth in them not having something perfect. There is no 'perfect' in a moving interactive approach to the lived experience. 


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