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Thursday, 4 May 2017

First of the Month discussion groups

We had our First Tuesday (and Monday) discussion groups this week.

We talked about feedback – how it is a two-way event not just something that is given and absorbed!! We talked about the different ways people have used and responded to their feedback. How have you done this? It is important to think of your interaction with feedback as being more than just ‘correction’. Just getting feedback and then changing things to get ‘better’ feedback is not as useful as the discussion feedback can stimulate within you and with others.

We talked about the oral presentation (for Module Threes) and the reflection essay (for Module Ones). Both are about summarising what you have been doing this term. We came up with the following words as ways to give you direction as you plan these two kinds of summary.

The oral presentation and the reflective essay:
·      Information
·      Insight into…
·      Collaboration understanding
·      Sharing work
·      Summary of engagement

Being able to say what some thing is about in just two sentences is a good test / goal to set yourself as you are writing and planning presentations. In all your work, you should be able to clearly say what the point is of what you are writing about / making.

We talked about how for Module One the blogs have ‘gone quiet’ and how now might be more the time to talk to each other.

We talked about the importance of relationships – with each other, with the work, with the feedback.

Themes that came out of the conversation are going to be posted on by:
Amanda - https://amcbahonspp.blogspot.co.uk
Lois-May - http://lois-mayhunt.blogspot.co.uk
Megan - http://meganlouch.blogspot.com/2017/05/coffee-shop-skype-may.html
Vicki - http://victoriamayvickers.blogspot.co.uk

 Themes include:
The Oral presentation – watch other presentations to see how professionals do it. Maybe Ted Talks which are a great example of getting a point across in a short time.

In presenting and writing it is important to keep people’s attention and make sure what you are describing has a flow.

The ethics and responsibilities of relationships.

How there are themes that run across all the modules (networking, communication, reflection). How as you become more familiar with the work your language changes. It is interesting to hear Module Threes because they use the language more than Module Ones!!

What are you feeling?

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