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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Starting back

In the last two days Helen https://helenbapp.blogspot.co.uk  and I have had a few skype sessions. We did two Induction sessions for Module Oners. If you are Module One and have not had an Induction session look at the post about the make-up Induction session and comment there include when you are free next week. Read what other people have posted so we can coordinate a time when everyone can do it.

Today (Saturday) we also did a starting back Skype for Module Two-ers and Three-ers.

We talked about how people are getting going again after the Summer break.
I think starting is a really interesting concept. I feel there is always more than one start to anything you do. I have talked about this as being more like three plus starts:
When the official date or time of something is.
When you feel you have woken-up within the thing and are engaged with it.
When you start to experience a change or the impact of the thing.
They do not all happen at the same time or in the order above. 

With BAPP the officially start is often quiet it’s just a date. It is the waking-up start that it is important to consciously do. This might mean starting to organise your time and activity to engage be a part of it all.  Waking up in the course. Make sure this ‘waking-up doesn’t happen a few days before you have hand-in your work !!! That can happen.
Here another post I did about starting back http://adesolaa.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/welcome-back.html

In the Skype session, we talked about different peoples strategies for this:
Lauren talked about how she has ear-marked two nights a week as study nights and one day in the weekend to relax and one to study. Emily said she gives herself weekly aims to achieve.
We also talked about making a space for your study – maybe a coffee shop or place that you feel you can get some concentrated uninterrupted time in – clear a table in where you live and making that your spot to work from.

Other parts of the conversation people thought were valuable to discuss and share.

Lauren https://laurenharper26.blogspot.co.uk is going to post further on the idea of reading and exploring everything – not just looking at things because you ‘know’ they are about what you want them to be about but actually exploring and researching to find out new ideas and connections you would not find if you didn’t ‘wonder and wander’ a bit more in your reading.

Henryhttp://henryrhodes.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1  is going to post about extending beyond yourself through writing more on the blogs, commenting more, reading but also going and seeing other artist’s work in shows and galleries etc… people have made comments in their art work as well as in written books.

Emily http://emilyrichardsbapp.blogspot.co.uk is going to think about making sure your blog is easy for people to find and comment on. Sometimes you can leave a comment with a gmail identity so when people click on your comment they don’t go directly to your blog or can’t find your blog. The blog address for everyone is on Unihub too.

Hannah https://oneillhannah25.blogspot.co.uk/ is thinking about how work changes and/or scheduling shift from this Module from the last. Maybe you have a different job or you are now auditioning more than paid work. The course needs to flow along with what is going on for you in general and this means thinking about how it fits and benefits and inspires what you are doing. How it can be practical as circumstances change.

Eleanor http://ellebyrne.blogspot.co.uk  is looking at thoughts around reading more and opening things up and the liberation of not yet knowing what you will be doing. Especially for those in Module Two, which she is in, where you have a whole 12 weeks to explore and look at questions that interest you as you design your inquiry project proposal.

Jennifer https://jennifersimm.blogspot.co.uk/ is thinking of making a list of tips she picked up from the conversation.

This post is a little longer than our word count of 400 work per blog post. Overall we are asking you keep post short so people can read and comment more easily. Make sure you have posted at least one post a week and commented on at least two different people’s blogs per week. Much commenting and posting is more fun though! Keep checking Helen’s blog and my blog for up-dates etc…

What are your thoughts about starting and starting back.

Please comment below.


  1. I like the concept of the three plus starts. It highlights that time management and actual engagement are separate entities but they are both essential in working together to form constructive and active learning

  2. Thank for this post Adesola, as I was unable to attend last Saturday´s Skype because of my performances schedule. I will post in my blog at the end of the week to let the all the other BAPP students how I am preparing for this Module 3 and what strategies I am using for it.

  3. Thank you for posting this Adesola! I was also unable to attend due to working but I am going to be back blogging at the end of this week! X

  4. Thank you for this post Adesola, I couldnt attend due to work sadly. But this is really helpful and I am looking forward to getting back into the flow of things. I will be updating my blog this week, and I will share any useful ideas/ strategies I have come across over the summer for those who want to take a look!

  5. This post about starting back has really helped me as I sometimes worry if I am doing enough. I set days where I like to study which is similar to Lauren and I always like to chat on blogs with students to dicsuss things. I find that other peoples blogs usually give me confidence that I am on the right page with my ideas and thoughts. Blogging has become something I really enjoy and I am now looking forward to getting back into the weekly routine.

  6. Thank you for this, I was unable to attend due to having commitments watching a performance on the borders of Wales.

    I am having flashes of feeling I've woken up interspersed with feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure what to do first. I had started with the reading and reflective writing feeling I was getting really stuck in but found I was spending hours writing not knowing if it would be beneficial later on. I have decide to focus on my CV and course work for Module One, going back to the reading as soon as I feel more on top of things.

  7. It feels to me like this start has been a continuation from the beginning. Even though there was a summer break it was a opportunity to start to put things learnt into practice. to start to link them to our practice, to start to understand why they help us.

  8. Thank you for this post Adesola. I totally agree with the three points to starting back and feel it’s really relevant to all modules. I was unable to make this Skype session but remember a similar one from starting Module 2 - its interesting hearing how people prepare differently (schedule certain days or time to work, set a working area or space that they feel comfortable in, or even getting a new journal or stationary for the new module). Personally, starting Module 3 I know scheduling will be really important for me to feel calm and on top of my work. Looking forward to getting around other peoples blogs and seeing how they are getting on with the new term. Alyshia