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Friday, 2 March 2018

Critical thinking and reflection

Thinking about why we are so interested in Critical Thinking - it is so we can reflect on the complexities of the story of life. It is not just one story. Question literature, interviews yourself - not to be argumentative!!! but to try to see things from new perspectives (an opportunity).
Have a look at this video - comment below.


  1. Our story is just as relevant as any body's story, we have to believe that our voice plays an important role in everyday life. This video made me think about how we are fed information and how we have to challenge what we know and to learn what we don't know.

    Thanks for posting Adesola


  2. What a fantastic talk! Thank you so much for sharing Adesola.

    I really saw myself in her - growing up in Greece reading and watching British and American books and movies I could not imagine reading about people like me in literature. When I started writing at the age of 11 all my characters had British and American names... When I moved here all my friends in college were so confused that I spoke English as my first language and that I watched the same stuff as them and visited the same websites... I was so puzzled especially since I had come from another European country. This experience was so eye-opening because it made me rethink everything I thought I knew about other cultures: if there are people in Britain and America who think Greek people are completely unlike them - then isn't it likely that people whom I think are nothing like me are actually a lot like me?

    Culture is one thing, it is part of someone's identity and only they know which one (or more than one) culture they identify with. Even if you are genuinely aware and knowledgeable about someone else's culture it doesn't mean you know them as a person. Culture is only part of someone's identity and it is also very varied in that even within the same country there are different customs dependent on region, religion and more.

    I feel very privileged because since I moved to the UK I have had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and also people from the same country that had completely different life stories and experiences from each other. It is very easy to consider yourself as a person who does not discriminate and has absolutely no intention to do so and yet fall right into the trap and do exactly that. And it's all because we have single stories or even a predominant story that overshadows any other individual stories considering them exemptions.

    Even if something is indeed true doesn't mean that it is the whole story.

    Apologies for my long comment!

  3. Culture indeed is a different sort of arrangement in anybody’s life. Personally, I can relate to her as my cultural setup was entitled distinctive from what I am living in today. The corrective thinking makes us adjust to any sort of environment that we want.