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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Welcome / Welcome back to BAPP ACI

We start back on September 17th 2018, with welcome/welcome back skypes on September 14th & 16th - look out for posts to sign-up for those session on my blog in the next few days.

Welcome to BAPP ACI. If you are back starting into Module Two and Three you will have noticed some changes. As you know there were changes in the structures of Middlesex university and Work Based Learning which was where BAPP lived has changed to move into the wider University. BAPP has now fully moved into the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University.

Overall the course has not changed, as you know, but we have up-dated sone bits and up-dated the handbooks. BAPP was revalidated (some students helped and advised with this - thank you) which is how the university makes sure the course is up-to-date. So we are all ready and shined-up to start this year. You might notice our name is BA (Hons) Professional Practice, Arts and Creative Industries - BAPP ACI (not BAPP Arts any more). The handbooks have been up-dated so have a look at those on UniHub. If you are going into Module Two and Three still check out the new Module One handbook you might find it useful.

Because of the revalidation the Module codes have changed to begin ACI (instead of WBS) the numbers are easier too. Module one ends with ones  ACI3611,  Module Two with twos ACI3622, Module Three with threes ACI3633 - easier on the brain!!

Another up-date is using the term practice-based (i.e. based in your practice) rather than 'work' based. Practice-based is a growing arm of artistic and scholarly inquiry. But also as artists sometimes our 'work' - what we are being paid for at the moment and our 'practice' are different. You might be getting most of your money from work in a coffee shop but your practice is acting. The focus here is on the practice.

Helen and I used to be called Advisors - "your advisor etc..." - we are now called Supervisors!!
And we have a new Supervisor joining the BAPP Learning Community - Maria Salgado Llopis. So visit her blog and say hello.

You will also see our librarian for ACI, Michelle Newman, has started a blog to join the community and she will join us on some Skype chats too.

Make sure you have have had a full look around the BAPP ACI UniHub page. There is only one page to go to (no Module pages as well). there is only one page to make it quick and simple. One that page you should find all you need - handbooks, templates to forms, links to library, submission portal for final work and blog and contact addresses. There is a lot of information so have a good look round. Go there first when you have a question - it is very likely the answer is on that page. To get onto UniHub you need to use your student number etc...

We also have a new youtube channel - have a look at some of the things people have been doing - the symposium videos are really interesting for seeing what kind of work artists are doing in practice-based study like BAPP.


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  1. Thanks for the update, I am excited to start Module Three next month.

    Jae x