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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Welcome back Skype - make sure you have a contact.

We are looking forward to the Welcome Back Skypes on Friday and Saturday. If you have not Skyped with Adesola before you have to send a Skype contact request to Adesola. We can not find you, you have to send a message to us. If you are not in a Skype group titled for the date of the Welcome Skype you want it means Adesola does not have your Skype address/contact yet.

For those who are missing the welcome Skypes - all information is in the Handbooks (Skypes and campus sessions are not compulsory). But if you want to hear more about the sessions go to the blogs, read and comment there to continue the conversations in the Skypes etc...


  1. Hi, how can I send a Skype Contact request? sorry I’ve never used Skype before

  2. Hi Adesola, Can I join the 3pm one on Saturday instead please!