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Monday, 12 October 2020

Ethical considerations = thinking about the impact of something...

In the PP programmes we separate Ethics into two elements ethical procedures (the things you have to do to comply with different social / personal/ organisational 'rules') and ethical considerations (the thinking and discussions that can lead to those 'rules'). Another way of describing the ethical conversations element is 'the discourses' around a subject. The ethical considerations are the thoughts and 'arguments' about something. Such as the inner discussion you might have as you decide whether or not to do something. I think the film 'The Push' on Netflix is a really good way to start to think about the world of ethics. In it, people seem to lack the habit of using ethical considerations to in order to consider what their actions mean. How we make meaning or link meaning to actions is a part of ethical considerations. 

People seemed to enjoy watching a Netflix show (The Social Dilemma) and then commenting on the topics it raised. What are your thoughts on what ethical considerations are after watching the show. Not comments on your judgement of the decisions made  (!!!) but your thoughts on the act of consideration and how useful it is...

Looking forward to hearing what you feel   


  1. I have seen the Social Dilemma. What struck me more than anything was that it was a real situation , currently happening. So many people watched the film on Netflix , but who changed their behaviour as a result ? Who has done something about it to break the cycle ?
    Most people watched the show , felt shocked and continued as normal. We need action to have change.

    Anyone who has a chance at effecting someone else’s life via the actions that they are making should be held accountable to any problems that arise. There was a real feeling of control happening within social media. Social media can be life changing for some people , especially vulnerable people or those with mental health issues. More care should be taken that algorithms are not detrimental to people’s health.
    Addiction is another issue. Controlling people on social media to enable them to be more addicted to the online world is truly shocking.

  2. Ethical considerations is always a hard concept to get your head around. I feel like the more I practice these thought processes, the more natural it becomes to discover a possible ethical consideration. I will watch The Push and comment in due course. Thanks Adesola!

  3. I found it really interesting that the people narrating The Social Dilemma, were all people who worked or previously worked for these companies and they openly admitted it was as an ethical issue but fell prey to it none the less. I think it’s good to recognise the issues however if they don’t do anything to resolve these then is it better to be ignorant to them? This can now also be said for all the viewers of the programme, as the comment above states how many people then went out and changed their habits with their new found knowledge? I would guess few people did which suggests that people are happy to continue to be manipulated ? I know myself, I was very unhappy with what I watched and deleted a few apps but I’m still happy with the majority that were mentioned. So I wonder whether we subconsciously have considered the pros and the cons and decided the pros outweigh the cons. Or maybe we are so far into social media now that we just can’t escape!

  4. I too have seen The Social Dilemma and was struck by the ruthlessness of the social media companies. What surprised me more was the fact that those interviewed knew they were 'manipulating' and controlling individual's behaviour, yet seemingly failed to change their actions. But then are we all guilty of this? I suppose we know to some extent that social media intelligence targets our vulnerabilities, but we still continue to engage with it? I know I do anyway! Perhaps it's addressing whether the benefits of social media outweigh the problems. Behind the scenes there may be moral dilemmas, but are these people the one's who are responsible for our wellbeing? It seems that you think so Lois.

    I have also seen The push which on the surface just sounds ludicrous. How could anyone push someone off a building?! But the film demonstrated the power of circumstance and how the line between right and wrong can be so easily crossed. Both documentaries have helped me to reflect on my own ethical stances. Tasks which are everyday for me are questionable. Such as when I send email to persuade Parent's to enrol their Children, I intentionally do this at a time which will target the masses. (eg, NOT during school pick up time where they won't check their phones). It's certainly something to think about.

  5. Hi Adesola,
    After watching "The Push" I felt obliged to write a blog about my thoughts and considerations. http://whatsthe-pointe.blogspot.com/2020/10/sociopath-vs-empath.html#more