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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Another shift!

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  1. The Creative learning Space fits with quite a lot of our thinking about the BAPP programme ... collaboration, seeing connectivity as learning etc. I think its a neat package: compete, collaborate, cooperate. I think this differs strongly from the 'Shift Happens' perspective in that this has an affirmative, 'can-do' quality whereas Shift Happens is somewhat more apocolyptic. 3 Steps for 21st Century Learning is rather 'New Testament' compared to a rather more 'Old Testamnet' quality on Shift Happens.

    However, and importantly, they have the one underlying message for educators ... that the conventions of mass public eduation (whether of school children or at Univerity) where conventional knowledge is 'distributed' will no longer work in a world that is changing so rapidly. The ability to think flexibly, to adapt easily and frequently may mark out the successful practitioners of the future?