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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The sharing of thoughts

I am making this blog as part of an idea of sharing professional practise and inquiry into how a conversation can develop across spaces. It is quite daunting mostly because I am dyslexic and the thought of writing something that can then be read by anyone, anywhere is frightening. But of course that is the point and so far I have one follower - not to worry then!

We are going to ask students to make a blog as part of a Professional Practise course, so I wanted to know what making a blog would entailed; and of course be there in the community that we hope will be built from this. In beginning to build the blog though, another important process comes to light and that is noticing how I learn. I started from not knowing how to build a blog. What stories do I have in my head that I turn-on when I want to give up? What strategies do I employ to get the courage to try? How do I learn best - trial and error, read all about it first, look at examples of other peoples blogs? When we ask the students to do this it will be just as much about asking them to start to notice how they learn and accomplish tasks as it will be about getting them to have a profile and begin to engage in conversation and the sharing of thoughts.

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