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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Task 2c

E-mailed question: “I wonder if you could explain what exactly I need to do for task 2c...”
Answer: Write an short ‘essay’ (aprox.1 000- 1500 words) about your relationship with Reflective Practise

This means write about reflective practises that you have experienced, tried-out, and /or see in others. Maybe use the experience of keeping your reflective diary or blogging to frame the essay. But don’t just tell the story of your experience look at it through the theory of some the Thinkers mentioned in the reader (like Dewey, Schön; Kolb, Moon). Critically look at the theory. Try to quote from some of the people you reference. Try to use proper referencing techniques. Discuss whether the theory resonates with you and your experience; see if you can extend your reading beyond the books and Thinkers mentioned in the reader. (There are not many voices of women or non-white Thinkers in the reader see if you can find these voices too.)

It is a very short essay 1000-1500 word. I would post it on my blog to get feedback. Use this as an opportunity to learn about and practise academic style techniques, (language, citations) for writing. Does that all make sense? How are the tasks going for you all?


  1. Thanks Adesola, this is a great help! You make it sound much clearer!

    The other task's are going well, although at the moment I don't have too many eventful thing's to write in my journal but I'm looking forward to rehearsal's so I can use the journal more successfully.

  2. Yes that does make it clearer. I have posted a blog on my thoughts so far on the reader. Once I started writing I had so much to say. It's mainly on Kolb's idea of the learning cycle, which I think will help me go onto write task 2c. Any feedback on that would be appreciated. Like Melissa I too dont have an awful lot to write about in my journal yet, but know once rehearsals start there will be plenty.
    Thanks for the help though!

  3. I agree, thanks for this post. Could I ask one more thing??? I have already written my essay and posted it to my blog, but the reader requires us to post to a public wiki. I had a look on Google and ended up getting more confused with the whole concept and which wiki to use. Do you have any advice? x

  4. Think of a blog as a vertical line at the top is the last thing you did, at the bottom is the first thing you did. Think of a wiki as something that is in layers you can continuously change and add to it.

    It is suggested you do it in wiki form so that it can be an on-going document that you are adding to and developing rather than a blog which can feel like a finished thing.

    Does that make sense?