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Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I have been watching a DVD of the Rockford Files. I used to watch it when I was really young! It was on in 1977-78. The interesting thing is that the story-lines cover: identity theft and a person hacking computer systems. I would never have noticed these topics back in 1970's but these stories raise questions that are still valid today even with so much development in those areas.

What it made me think was that lines of inquiry are often quite hidden until they are given meaning by your experience.

The identity theft is recognisable to me as something interesting now because I understand it but back in 1977 it was not contextualised by my experience, so I missed the idea. When I learnt about identity theft maybe ten years ago, I did not refer back to Jim Rockford. I felt as if I was learning about it for the first time! I did not remember the Rockford Files story-line because I did not have a way to give it meaning at that time. In this way you can feel you have discovered something new when actually you have noticed something that was already out there.

When I watched the episode about computer hacking (the computer fills a whole room) I thought wow that's so forward thinking of them. This is because I am fixing the idea of computer hacking in the future at the time I finally became aware of it. It is only "forward thinking of them" if I place it as an idea that happened when I became aware of it myself, rather than an idea in itself.

This can happen in dance class too. You are told a correction again and again and then one day it makes sense, has meaning and it appears to be a new idea, often one you want to share, spread the word about.

I am talking about being aware of your own ability to see. We see what we value.
1) So look at your experience and the things you value as a doorway to finding MEANING in a line of inquiry.
2) If we are so limited by our own value systems then it makes sense why ethics is a part of this picture here. We need structures to check we look beyond our own values and practical ways to measure or be aware of the impact we are having on others.
3) Its good to laugh a little at our own conceit at 'discovering' things!! This allows us to let go of ideas as our experience changes our perspective.
4) You can see how looking at what other people have written about it, the Literature, can help you avoid telling everyone you have just discovered the wheel!
What are you finding?

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