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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Q & A

The 750 words and what is to actually go into it? (3002)
This what you will be assessed on NOT the tasks themselves. It is a summary of your learning, your experience over this module. You should be able to talk about your learning in terms of your reflections on your experiences and in terms of the theories we have introduced in the readers and be able to link these two. You should cite or refer to blogs and things that have happened around the tasks. And you should cite published work by others. It is a very short amount of text (750 words) because we want you to spend time distilling the experience of the whole term. Does that make sense?   

Also when I've completed it am I able to send it you to have a look at? (3002)
Yes, I think you should aim to send your advisor a draft for comments by mid-April (or whenever they have indicated). Then You will have time to work on feedback. You do not have to do this but I think it helps.

I'm back in England on May 7th, although I don't know what stage of the course that'll be at? (All)
Important point: May 6th is the hand-in date for your assessed work.

I'm a little stuck for idea's on what my award title could be. (3835)
You should try to make your title about what you've done rather than what you plan to do. It is meant to reflect the knowledge you have gained in your experiences. Experiences are not always recognised as legitimate knowledge and the title is a way for you to show that you learnt something even though it may not have been through formal education. (i.e. it was through formal education but also through work based learning.) The title will be awarded because you prove you have the knowledge not as something to point you into a direction for the future.

What do you think? By now you should be feeling some ownership of the module you are on. Leaps of faith are great but you also need to fight to make things work for you. Trust that the modules have something to say and take the time to find the questions you need to ask to help you better understand. The right questions are often more valuable than answers, the art is in asking them and making sure they are not just ways you handover ownership of your process to someone else. If you do not trust that the course has something of value then either find a way to get your advisor to explain it or consider if it is for you BUT do not do nothing and find excuses for why you are not getting on with things. 



  1. Thanks for this Adesola. I am a little daunted by the prospect of condensing all my thoughts into 750 words! Concerned that if I can't get the essay right then or find a way to show what I have learned, all the work I have done on the tasks will be for nothing! Still...I am sure everyone feels this way, if any of the previous 3002 people have comments on how they approached this distillation of knowledge I'd be very interested!

    I am looking at the theory of cooperation at the moment in 'The Networked Professional' so it will be very interesting to see if anyone repsonds to my plea for advice! It raises some interesting questions..."Why would someone help a person they have never met in person and therefore feel no 'connection' with?", "Will we offer help to our student peers or keep our knowledge to ourself in a bid to be 'top of the class;"...."To what extent are humans by nature generous or competitive?". It's interesting to see how my study each week effects the way I look at the world in a different light, and ask different questions. Rosemary mentioned the benefit of looking through different 'lenses' (back to reflection) and I definitely find this way of thinking to be of value.

  2. Adesola - good blog - basics in thinking and making the deadlines! both professional attributes.

  3. I found this post very valuable at this point of my course...even if I try to complete the task on time, I always have a slight feeling of not getting completely the point of WHY I'm doing it...I think I do, but then for some weird reason I get a bit lost in a glass of water (do you use this saying too?)
    Thanks anyway for this Adesola...helps to understand the value of this and the deadlines at the same time.

  4. Thank you for the post Adesola I've begun to put my 750words down and like Stephanie is struggling to condense my learning into this short amount of words. However I am linking a lot of my blogs but I don't quite know how to hyperlink them? I have copy and pasted the links but they are not active, I wondered if you know of a way I can do this so you can click on them and get taken straight to my blogs? Many thanks Verity.

  5. i think it depends on the kind of computer and programme. On mine it automatically makes it a link, on others you can chose it. On the hard copy you send in you will not be able to do this anyway, but its handy for the electronic version. Hope that helps.