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Thursday, 21 April 2011



I don’t know what you all think of us – making you do tasks and then making you write 750 words or 3000 words telling us you did it. It is such a power, control thing to do. Especially when most of the words just tell us, we were right to make you do it. It’s like having your own set of groupies. Do you really think that’s what we want?  Because I can stare at my own navel in the mirror. And what do you think of us if that is what you think I spend my time getting people to do?

The internet is a good example that knowledge is out there it does not belong to someone – there was a time when you did have to rub your ‘teachers’ the right way to get them to share their pearls of wisdom but now you can Google it!

What do you do with it then? All that information: how can it be useful to you? What value is it? What relevance is it? We are saying that in your Professional Practise there is knowledge ‘out there’ both in the day-to-day activities you undertake and in the literature and conversations and in the networks of people and we want to help you find a way to value it. We don’t know what it is you tell us!!! It is not my value of it, it is yours, your voice.

A respectful voice, no body is asking you to critic Dewey or Kolb and decide they are wrong! Just respectfully find a starting place for yourself because what you do has an effect. You are part of the community of people you work and live and internet with.

What has it meant? How do you see it and who else sees it like that? What do you know you don’t know? Can you surprise yourself and completely change your mind?  What do you love to learn about and do? Dare your self to step beyond your schooling, class, culture, gender, time!!

Respect for your work: As always PLEASE put your name on things, page numbers, name documents with your name plus what they are.  See my past blogs.

What do you think?

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