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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Courage and Kindness

Hi, week  7 and I’m a little late with my weekly blog!!

Module 1ers are beginning Network tasks supported by Reader 3 – “The networked professional”.  This is about linking things together. Start to think about the module as a whole how things connect.

Module 2ers are starting to try out tools for professional enquiry: see what kind of information piloted tools gives you. Remember that is not what information they give you (i.e. the content, x does x). It’s what kind of information (i.e. general, large quantities, personal, focused etc…)

Module 3ers would be beginning to analyse their data. Starting to think about what it is you’ve found, learnt, re-shaped from your data collection period. I find that this involves a lot of thinking!! And writing is not always thinking. You may need to go on walks, or have conversations with friends about it. What has been working for me is reading all the bits I am trying to make sense of so its in my head, then going to Bikram yoga. Because the poses are all the same each time I can get right into my body, which is, were I find meaning. I find that as I stretch out and realign my muscles and bones my brain (thinking) realigns and stretches out too and I find I have made connections in my research too.

Exciting times, you are probably wanting to make sure your going in the right direction. That is a natural feeling but remember although people can reassure you, YOU have to trust yourself and do your best and be true to what you think you should be doing because its your learning journey not a treasure hunt we have made (where we can say you’re getting cooler or hotter).

“genius is talent exercised with courage’ (– Wittenstein) “and kindness” – me!!



  1. I agree that writing is only one of the many ways to think. When all materials (ingredients) are already in our mind, getting away from our desks/laptops should allow inspiration to connect and re-organize them.
    I could imagine that Yoga is perfect for this process. 'meditation' plus physical movements (is this specific to dancers, or applicable to anyone?)definitely boosts concentration and inspiration.
    I like the last quote!

  2. Thanks for this note of encouragement Adesola, you know that I was always questioning my progress, and after reading this I feel this is the wrong approach. I should trust my personal learning journey more, and embrace this new independant feeling.
    To Courage!

  3. I find that lying in bed at night is when my brain really kicks in. It's almost as if it needs that dark and the quiet away from all the other daily stresses to function properly. I have some really interesting breakthrough ideas after midnight. My only problem is that I then have to get up to write them down or I forget. which doesn't make for a good night sleep.

    I wish I could just hold ideas in my mind for longer. I sometimes feel like they're are butterflies just passing through and if I don't catch them in a net while I can they'll fly off forever.

  4. Getting out of the house and to a cafe usually results in the best work I do. I think I need a change of enviroment to clear my head and think clearly about what I need to do and get on with it. There can be too many distractions and other thoughts when you stay in.

  5. I could pretty much say the same getting into uni or a local bar-theatre cafe makes me get my work done.
    am able to look at peoples blog make comments and see how i could and can improve mine.
    as we all know families and the elements of things outside are a hussle and bussle and it clotters our mindset and thoughts.

    Thank you