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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I changed it!
Does it make sense or still to abstract?


  1. I think by reflecting your personality and beliefs a lot more, it gives out an approachable impression. Is this a purely academic CV, as it seems to exclude your achievements in dance?

  2. Ummm I was going for more approachable. I guess I did not mention dance as much because it has to be 1200 characters. I have missed out dance and academic achievements and focused on what I didn't do so well in. I felt that from comments I needed to appear less successful in order to appear more approachable. This does not address the power dynamics (of teacher / student) that this seems to stem from (which is a much bigger structure and exists beyond this course also). But it does acknowledge the structure by presenting myself is a less 'powerful' manor. I wonder if this will lead to a lack of respect also?

    I think the CV task in module 1 is really interesting. I am currently looking at mine because I am applying for something, it is really hard to express oneself through a piece of paper. But what I think we are asking is whether it is less about knowing how to summaries oneself and more about how to address the external circumstance that the CV is read in. If you can summaries the place the CV is going than you can address the CV to what will be most conducive to you being accepted. Like my new CV on this blog is aimed at being acceptable to students as someone to communicate with but is it acceptable as someone who is advising you too?

    Maybe the bigger problem in terms of CV on my blog is that we need to re-frame what it means to be in a student / teacher relationship.
    Maybe the bigger problem for CV in general could be a question of whether text can adequately represent an embodied being.