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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Writing about experiences...

Busy writing drafts about your experiences this term? I will make this a short post to tickle your thinking (or not). The work asked for, for assessment for all three modules asks you to recognise your unique experience, within a context / environment of the activities you undertook this term; knowing they are connected also to your past and your anticipated future. We are asking you to be reflective about meaning and knowledge by considering yourself as environment, history, future hopes, and actions – a unique matrix of experiences.  Here are some favourite quotes:

 “A body is not so much a thing, as it is an act- an act made possible, to be sure, by the physicality of the organism performing it, but not identical or reducible to the organism’s physicality.” ( Sullivan 2001 p.29)

“Truth occurs when humans and their environments respond to and transact with one another in such a way that flourishing is achieved for both. Truth is not a matter of humans “fitting” their beliefs to the world. Nor is it a matter of matching internal representations to external reality.” (Sullivan 2001 p.144)

So we are asking what just happen (last term)? But how can anyone know? We are asking you to take your best reflective self and look at the different ways you could understand the activity you undertook. In doing so look at where ‘you’ are in that.  I chose these quotes even though I don’t believe we can understand (or even recognise)  ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ but I do think there is a beauty in our attempts.

Sullivan, S. (2001) Living across and through skins : transactional bodies, pragmatism and feminism, Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

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