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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Order & Trust

This week seems to have rushed by.  

I have been thinking about order. There is a certain amount of trust that is required to follow the steps (tasks) in the modules. To some extent one needs to trust that they will add to your learning experience and not just be extra work or hoops or boxes to check. It is one thing to do them and another to open up – undo your thinking - enough for them to affect your plan or research or process.

This is the trust it takes to not look for the certainty of having ‘done that’ and allow instead for on-going development, on-going inquiry. 

(This trust is not just some kind of courage to find within yourself it is also about how the ‘teachers’ / ‘advisors’ / writers-of-the-module present as trust worthy. I think learning is a two-way street the experience of learning is the situation of the material, space, teacher, student and those roles are interchangeable.)

What do you think?


  1. If I fall, will you catch me?
    It's the kind of trust that means sometimes having to take a giant step into the unkown without the safety net of questions and answers. I found it particularly daunting in Module One as I was so concerned with being wrong.
    Now I am further along in the process I realise that being wrong and right is not inquiry, closes the mind to possibility and what if?, and at the end of the day, are totally subjective anyway! My right is probably your wrong and vice versa!
    Discussion, reflection, debate, sharing, networking - all these things are vital to on-going anything. Without people or literature to challenge your assumptions or models of thinking and bring their existence into your consciousness things remain static. Static is not a good place to be!
    Did my advisors 'tell' me all this? No. Did I find it on my own? No. So how, then, did this happen? Personally, it is knowing that every advisor on the course is there for me if I need them, and that knowledge alone gives me the courage

  2. Thank you for such a reflective comment. The last part is such a nice comment to make for me personally, thank you.