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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Next week is.....Second Tuesday Coffee shop SKYPE (November 12th)

OK now its getting colder... the perfect time to be that fabulous romanic image of the student: wear a long scarf, wrap your hands around a hot cup of chocolate and sit in the corner of a coffee shop SKYPEing and feeling super clever!! Its time for Novembers Second tuesday Coffee shop SKYPE meetings.

November 12th 
One is at 11am (Lunch-ish)
The evening one is at 8:45pm (changed from 8:15 as it was)

If you have not joined in before it s really easy - it is just away to chat about the modules with each other and advisors in real time, (instead of asynchronous time like on a blog). It is really nice to be able to talk about what you are doing, thinking and ask other people how they are approaching ideas. If you have not SKYPEd me before then you need to email me your SKYPE address or send me a request on SKYPE.

If you are going to join let me know comment here (or send an email).


  1. Adesola I am putting this up on the Libguide and the MyLearning BAPP Arts site -- please check the News and the Calendar features

  2. Hi Adesola,

    I would like to be involved in this as I feel I am just communicating purely online and would actually like to chat about the module more!

    I haven't attended any campus sessions yet so this would be good to get communicating via skype. I will email my skype address.


  3. hi adesola, I will be available for the 11 oclock skype, i dont really know how it works with more than one person, do i just log on and wait.. or do I need to call you at 11 on skype?


    1. Great just log on and I will call you