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Friday, 14 February 2014

February Second Tuesday talks

The Second Tuesday Group SKYPEs went well this week. We had a mix of students from across the modules. It is really useful to talk to people who have just done the module you are on or who are a step a head of you so you can see where things are leading. We talked from UK, China, Germany and USA.
We were:
Lucy Jennings and
Ruth Woods
Visit their blogs and say hi too.

We talked about the anxiety of getting started. Trying to avoid the idea of 'confusion' and embrace the idea of 'not knowing yet'. If you are going to have a genuine  learning experience you are very likely not to know where it will end. You can't know the end at the beginning or you wouldn't be learning anything new. We talked about how if you are feeling 'confused': work out specific questions or identify particular issues rather than just see the whole thing as 'confusing'.

For Module Two we talked about how you do not need a specific question at this point just a bit of an idea of the general area you are in. Also that the word 'question' does not mean something to answer. But 'question' in the sense of something you what to know more about.

Tips people talked about were:

  • Look at other peoples blogs especially blogs from people who have just finished the module you are on now. 
  • Read the whole Reader/Handbook first so you get an overview of the whole module. You can just skim-read just to get the overall picture. 
  • Work little and often don't wait to the 'end' to get everything done.
  • Work out your time management across the term
  • Work with peers

The next group SKYPEs are Tuesday March 11th, 11am (London time) and 8:45 (London time)


  1. Hey , Adesola
    I was really happy that I could manage to join the Skype Session. It was great to have an overview from Module 1 and discuss our issues. I will definitely try to join the next ones !

  2. Thanks Adesola sounds like a useful discussion.