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Friday, 14 March 2014

Debate - what do you think…..

Ethics is about how your actions are experienced. It is the reflection on interaction outside your skin; the counterpart to reflective thought which is reflection going on inside your skin[1]. Although society, professional organisation and personal morals can have clear ideas about what the right and wrong things to do are. Ethics is about a step before this reflecting about how what you do affects or changes the environment / ‘things around you’. The origins of the study of ethics is interwoven with aesthetics. The arts, ethics and aesthetic are all connected in this through the idea of truth, representation and experience.

What do you think
1) So Ethics is about reflecting on how you are experienced - do you agree or disagree? 
2) Does this help you with your module activity - i.e. does this idea about ethics help you create the situation you want to be a part of?  

Please leave a comment.

[1] At some levels this simplification to outside and inside your skin is problematic within the principles of embodiment and concepts of the body as they are understood in pragmatism and phenomenology that we are using.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Adesola,
    I have been enjoying your blogs from afar as I am currently tackling module three from australia. Its also been good to catch up with the skype sessions although I cannot be directly involved.

    In regards to the ethics debate I do agree with your first statement. I think its very important to be received well in an ethical aspect. It can reflect on your personal behaviour as well as how you present yourself as a professional. I also believe that it is vital to show our professional inquiries in a good ethical light as not only do we want to be a part of something like that but so will our participants. Moreover the academic and professional audiences will both enjoy the watching the process a lot more if they know you have created a safe and harmless situation for the Inquiry.

    Hope that all makes sense. If you have some time I would really appreciate your views on some of my blogs. Since deferring I lost a few of my blog followers so the more comments the better!
    Thanks Hannah