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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Making meaning through talking to each other: April 8th Group Skype chat.

Almost April and I mean that in a its-got-to-get-warmer-and-warmer sort of way not time is flying by!!! Either way our April group SKYPE chat is coming up APRIL 8th. These chats are really helpful and support the campus sessions in that they are opportunities to ask questions and talk to other people on the course, some of whom have done what you are doing and some who are doing it now too. We have two times to fit around different work schedules. You can join in with either (or both!!)

‘Lunch time-ish ‘ – 11am
‘Evening-ish’ – 8pm (note sometimes we do 8:45 but it will be 8pm this month)

If you have not joined in before you need to make sure I have your skype address, do this by sending me a request on skype. In the request write BAPP so I know who it is from. If you have joined in before you know how useful and inspiring talking to each other can be so please be a part of the chat again.

As we get closer to the hand-in date it is important to keep blogging and talking; sharing your ideas. This is part of working through your initial ideas to find a deeper more meaningful way to look at the experiences of the module and what they mean within your professional practice. It is also important to know your experiences are shared by the rest of the BAPP community and interesting to hear how other people have interpreted and dealt with things.

Look forward to talking with you

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