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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

AM Skype conversation - what do you think?

Today’s morning skype session went really well we had a great conversation. Because the conversation flowed so well we talked about lots of things. A point I thought that was really interesting was about how as your professional career develops you also get more confidence in your academic work (BAPP work). We are hoping also that as you learn and get more confidence in your University work you get more confidence in how you approach your professional practice.

We talked about how the two are developing around and next to each other. But before you have the confidence to do things you sort of have to do them!! So you have to try things even if you have a little voice saying “I didn’t do the work yet” or “I am probably the only one who hasn’t done xx”. You are not the only one. The campus sessions and skype sessions are so you can meet others, peers and share your experiences and ideas.

Looking forward to talking on skype Wednesday at 8pm (in London).

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