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Monday, 10 November 2014

Extra 8pm SKYPE for Module 2!!

We are having a Skype session at 8pm (in London) on Thursday November 13th:
Module two's (and anyone else who would like to join). We will be looking at ethics, the literature review and the structure of the final plan you are handing-in (this covers and reviews Part 5 if you are following the progression of the module).

Please comment below if you are attending.
Look forward to talk with you


  1. Adesola can you mention to everyone to also sign up for the Part 6 Skype on the 20th of November on my blog - thanks!

  2. Hi Adesola, I can't make it on Thursday, is there anyway this Skype can be recorded or will you be posting a blog about it that I can read up on? Thanks lucy

  3. Hi adesola, i can't make the Skype session on Thursday, is there any way it can be recorded or will you be posting a blog about it that i can read up on? thanks lucy

  4. Yes, Everyone who attends the session will write blog post about the conversation and I will too. If you can part of it let me know. You don't have to do the whole hour.

  5. Hi Adesola, I would like to attend this session
    Thanks Della

    1. I am trying to sykpe you but I don't know if I have you current Skype address!! Adesola