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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ethics: the danger of one story

This is a great video to think about ethics - attempting to tell a multi-layered story rather than not questioning anything. This is about considering there is another side to everything.



  1. Hi Adesola,

    Everyone wants to give you their 'story' on a place, or a person or experience and I am guilty of this too! Now, I give my input, but have an awareness that my experience cannot describe a whole place or the whole of a person! We talked about using our networks to gain information. So, I spoke to colleagues and friends about possibly moving to Dubai when I got my current job teaching here. Everyone painted their picture and I had the media image of the UAE, thank goodness I didn't listen to them all! You cannot tell the story of a whole country alone.

    Thanks for posting the video, she describes this so well