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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tuesday's Skype chats…

On Tuesday we had our group Skype chats. We talked about the reflective essay mostly in terms of Module One but of course the idea/purpose is the same for the reflective essay in each module. But in Module One it is the first time you have used reflection as a mode to show your thinking and learning experience through the module. So the essay is not about re-telling the information in the handbooks it is about YOU: what the 'information' means to you in terms of how it has changed, advanced developed your thinking and actions in your professional practice.

The BA is in professional practice so that is what the essay is about: your professional Practice. You have to step away from thinking you need to prove you read the module by reproducing it and move toward the idea that you are talking about how you experienced the module. Remember we believe that experience teaches us so what you experienced reflected on becomes what you learnt.

Each module you share what you experienced by reflecting on it in an informed way including and respecting what other people have said/experienced in the same areas your have travelled in the module (i.e. the literature etc.)…

We also talked about how the module handbooks are doorways for you to find something interesting and then 'surf' on to find more out. Irini is going to write more about this.

I said 'you need to stay true to yourself' as you write and wonder. Don't become who you think we want to see on the page. Explore your ideas and explain your experiences. Maddie will post further on this.

Jodie is going to post some thoughts in comments below.

Jessica is going to write more about the idea that the write-up for hand-in is not the end of something it is writing about the beginning of something. The beginning of the new knowledge of the Module you have just experience. This is something Irini said when we were talking.

Lisa is going to write about something Pip said about writing things down as they come into your head on a daily basis and then looking back at your notes to yourself as a way to reflect on your journey across a module.

Pip is going write some reflections her artefact. During the conversation she talked about issues she was having with it and we all feedback what we thought.

My advice is to remember its your BA, your life make your work meaningful by being genuinely in it. Don't just superficially repeat back what you think you should say or what you think you are expected to say. Believe in your experiences as moments you can grow from and honestly and with humility discuss your thinking and ideas.

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  1. Thanks for the blog, shame I missed the Skype chat. I found it difficult to edit down my ideas while still explaining enough the theories they were based so that the essay made sense. I did include I think 6 appendices to blog posts though which helped