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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

PLEASE READ - Module Three

Re: the artefact ……….Indicative word count of 3000
Indicative here means the same value as 3000 words
the same amount of effort as writing a paper that was 3000 words long!!!

Please do NOT make your artefact another set of words you are already writing a reflective essay. Enough with the words already you're an artists, creative person….

Remember in Module One: Howard Gardner’s work, 
Communication that uses languages such as naturalistic, bodily kinaesthetic, interpersonal, interpersonal, verbal linguistic, logical mathematics, existential, spatial visual, and musical.

In your professional practice do people use verbal linguistics to explain things OR do they move, sing, act feel, chat, draw to explain ideas to each other. Use the language of your practice NOT WORDS 


  1. Dear Adesola,
    I was with this doubt... now I am more clarified. I finished my Professional Artefact (a video) yesterday and now I am working on the explanatory sheet which I would like submit with it…the film says a lot already, however I thought it would be good to resume my inquiry research, explain how the video was done and also present the references used on the video…is it on the correct path ? Thank you !

  2. Thank you Adesola, I find this really useful and a little more re assuring :)