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Monday, 13 April 2015

Online 'Campus Session' for Module Three

The Module Three Online 'Campus Session' was last Thursday. We talked about a number of points:

Having collected data in the field you can find meaning in it - analyze it - by comparing it to what the literature says. You might also find that through the field data collection a new theme or idea has emerged and you need to find particular literature to learn more about this theme the participants are bringing up for you. Remember that just showing us the raw data or organizing it into a graph is not inquiry. The analysis of the data is what we are looking for and part of that is using your literature review to make comments on the field data. We are interested in your perspective on things knowing you are working professionally in the field you are inquiring into.

The ‘elevator speech’
By now you should be able to describe you inquiry in terms of what it brought up for you NOT in terms of what you did. In other words if I ask
“what is your inquiry about?” you can say
“I looked into dancers experience of injury, particularly how much injury they accept, how they self medicate and coping strategies for injury.”
This means you have moved on to what your inquiry revealed to you. You have moved on from describing the inquiry in Module Two terms like ‘my inquiry is into how dancers deal with injury I am going to talk to seven dancers’. That description is what you are leaving behind because it is about the how of the inquiry not the what. You are at the what stage now.

The Artefact
We talked about the artefact being a non-verbal communication of your inquiry. It is a way to explain the ideas you found in a non-written paper form. For most of us writing a reflective paper is not how we explain ideas or understand them. The artefact should be something that you can use to explain your whole inquiry to someone from work. For instance if you are in dance then people understand dance. That is how we express our ideas. See my past posts on this:

We talked about how you need to narrow down your themes so that you can write about the important points clearly. You must BA aware by now that your topic is much bigger than a single term of inquire so share the inquiry know some part are highlighted more than others because you can only do so much in the time you have.

Below are people in the conversation who are also writing about the session. See what they say too

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