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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Module Three Skype session on Monday October 12th at 6pm

I (Adesola) will be initiating the call so I need to be connected to you in skype before hand. Please send a request that states you are in BAPP and your name (not just your skype name). If I just get the standard one I might not be able to recognize who you are and I will not accept it.

We will be talking about how you have started in terms of the inquiry and how you transitioned from the feedback you got from Module Two to getting going on Module Three.

We will also be talking about consent forms and planning now you are actively out their inquiring!!!

Lastly we will talk about how you are capturing the/your process in Module Three.

Please come to the session with some ideas and things to contribute. 
Please comment below if you are going to attend the session.

Look forward to talking to you.



  1. Thanks Adesola I will be there Bw Paula

  2. I should be able to attend (I am mid rehearsals but I should be finished for the day by then) :)